How long does it take to install a TV aerial?

A TV aerial installation might take anywhere from 2-4 hours on average. Take that range with a grain of salt, though. It might just take an hour if you need an indoor aerial and stay near a TV transmitter. However, if you need a roof aerial and want to link it to several spots throughout the house, it could take up to 6 hours.

The size of a property, as well as its height, can cause an installation to take longer than usual. Some huge ancient buildings also have thicker walls, making drilling more difficult. A large property will also necessitate a greater length of cable to be run around it. If the antenna is to be mounted atop the chimney stack, a bracket, lashing kit, and coaxial wire from the aerial to the room where the television will be installed are required.

Extra TV Points


Another aspect that affects the time it takes to install the aerial is if the customer wants coax flowing into multiple rooms throughout the house. Adding several points will inevitably take longer.

Location Of The Aerial


Installing an aerial on an external wall will also necessitate the use of a bracket and the running of cables outside. Customers nowadays prefer to have their aerials installed in the loft; most new construction residences already have all of the coax extended up into the loft space, in which case a loft spike or a tiny bracket mounted on one of the loft joists would be necessary to attach the aerial. After the aerials are safely mounted, the professional will metre it into the nearest mast before tuning the televisions in and ensuring that you receive all of the channels in the best possible quality.