Are you neeeding extra tv points installed in your home ?


Extra Freeview TV points can easily be added by simply connecting your existing aerial to a weatherproof outside splitter equipment and sending a cable to the new site (s).

Because installing a splitter will decrease your TV signal slightly, we do a signal test before to beginning the operation to verify that it will not interfere with your viewing.

If your signal isn’t strong enough to allow for more points, an internal or external amplifier, or a second aerial, may be necessary. In either scenario, our engineers arrive fully equipped to perform a professional work on the first visit.


Extra Sky points can be accessed directly from your dish (in which case additional Sky boxes are required) or from the back of your Sky receiver. A discrete infrared sensor placed elsewhere throughout the house can be used to control the receiver.


Whatever system you have in your house, we can send a professional engineer to meet with you to evaluate your needs and make recommendations for how to meet them.


Why should you hire us to put in your new socket?


You’ll get a free 5-year extended warranty on workmanship and non-powered components when we install new TV points.


Our skilled experts are qualified and experienced, and they complete all new socket installations to the highest of standards.


If you choose us, we’ll come to your home for a free consultation so you can tell us about your needs and we can figure out where your new socket(s) should go.


We’ll double-check that your TV or radio is working properly after we’ve completed the work, and we’ll make sure your home is as immaculate as it was when we arrived!


What is the best way to install more TV points?


We can utilise splitters, a distribution amplifier, or a loftbox to add more plug points for freeview or DAB/FM radios, and our choice is ultimately determined by your needs.


You may need a new LNB (low-noise block downconverter) with more outputs, such as a quad or octo, if you need an extra point for Freesat or Sky. The output from a Sky set-top box, on the other hand, can be fed into a distribution amp or loftbox system, allowing viewing of the current Sky channel at each TV point.


We’ll verify the signals before adding any more socket points to your existing system to make sure there’s enough strength to split. We’ll add an amplifier if there isn’t one.

So If your need extra tv points added to your home, just give us a call for more info.