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Finding The Right Digital Aerial Installer


It might be tough to decide what kind of individual you’re bringing into your home when it comes to choosing a trained installer to carry out installs or repairs of aerials and satellite.

Are you also getting the greatest and most cost-effective service for your money?


our installers provide a professional service every time, from installing the necessary digital aerials for Freeview TV to TV aerial repairs, cable replacement, extra TV points, and TV distribution throughout your home. We also are satellite installers including sky hd, satellite dish repair freesat installation. Our team of local engineers can sort out your aerial or satellite systems as well as digital tv aerial installed as soon as the next day.


Improve your TV viewing with us !


A basic TV antenna installation entails building a digital TV aerial in a suitable location on your property and extending a length of digital coax cable to a single point inside your home. So, depending on what’s required, this will cost between £110 and £150, plus VAT. The sort of digital TV aerial you instal is determined by your needs. For example, if you want to watch Freeview TV in more than one room, you’ll need a decent quality TV aerial that pulls in a strong signal while reducing noise interference, so the signal may be split into other rooms without lowering picture quality on your TV.


When doing an installation, we make every effort to keep things as tidy as possible.


Cable that is unduly apparent or runs over gutters, for example, is simply unacceptable. We assure you that, if at all possible, we will instal outside aerial cable in a discrete and out-of-sight manner.


When we arrive at your home, we will do a free on-site inspection and walk you through exactly what and where the cables will be installed so that you are fully informed about the work being done and the cost of the work.


It’s worth getting it right the first time because TV Aerial Installation is normally done on a property every 10–20 years.


When we arrive on the day of the TV Aerial installation, we will have all of the necessary tools and goods in our van to begin and complete the job on time.


We have NVQ2 qualifications in electrical and electronic servicing and are fully qualified in all elements of digital signal (aerial signal reception pathway). All of the goods we use are either digital tick approved or CAI approved, ensuring that you get the greatest technology and service without having to pay more for installation.

Installers of TV Aerials


Installation of a satellite dish


We instal all aspects of satellite TV systems in addition to TV aerial installation.


Here are some of the services we offer.


  • Freeview Aerials
  • Satellite Repairs
  • TV Installation
  • Sky Installers
  • Radio Aerials
  • No hidden charges
  • Get a better TV reception
  • Satellite dish installations

We have the necessary satellite metre to detect any flaws or difficulties, from full installations to re-aligning the satellite dish after it has been knocked.

Contact a digital aerial installer today !!


You’ll need a satellite dish to receive Freesat TV (where you may watch satellite channels for free), and the same is true with Sky TV. We are approved Sky and Freesat dish installers who work independently. We provide a tidy, discrete, and cost-effective dish and cable installation for your property, just as we do with our TV Aerial Installation.