How Much Does It Cost To Install A TV Aerial In UK

Cost of TV Aerial Installation In UK ?


The Average cost in the UK is £121 , £90 – £200 is a typical price range. There are a few extras that could push up the price. These are some of them:

  • Item Cost
  • Amplifier +£45
  • Extra Points +£25 – £45 per TV Extra Points +£25 – £45 per TV
  • where your property is located, how complex is the job, if the aerial will be indoors or outdoors, the Engineers experience and the type of mount to be used.

If your TV’s signal and connections have ever been weak, you might consider getting a new aerial cable connected.

There will be no more blackouts, and you will have a brighter picture and better reception.

However, if you’re wanting to have a TV aerial built, you might be wondering how much you should expect to pay before contacting a professional.

This post will go through the various costs you may expect to incur as well as the factors that may influence the pricing.

The Cost of Installing a TV Aerial

We received bids from 25 different contractors all around the United Kingdom. The prices listed are for a single-room aerial installation with a standard cable run and antenna. VAT is included in the prices.


In Glasgow, how much does it cost to install a roof aerial?


Because Glasgow is a hilly city, outdoor aerials are a popular option. You can choose between a wall-mounted aerial and a roof-mounted aerial. A wall-mounted unit is attached to the outside of your home. Because all you need is a ladder and level ground, it is the easier and safer alternative of the two. Your technician can concentrate on the TV aerial installation instead of worrying about falling over. Also a satellite installer would also have consider this when installing a new dish.


On the other side, a roof-mounted aerial can be hazardous. Even the most skilled specialists can run into issues if the conditions aren’t ideal, and sloped roofs are particularly tricky. It’s possible that they’ll lose their balance or have a shaky hold, resulting in a terrible accident. It is, nonetheless, one of the most effective methods for receiving a digital television signal.


While a wall-mounted aerial can eliminate interference from inside the house and layers of brick and concrete, other types of interference and obstruction are very likely. Your TV signal is affected by trees, posts, buildings, houses, passing cars, and radios. Because of its location, a rooftop aerial is less susceptible to interference. Aside from larger buildings and passing birds, there isn’t much that will interfere with your TV signal.


Taking all of these things into account, a rooftop aerial in Glasgow should cost roughly £200. It can cost up to £250-£300 if you need more access points or have other issues.


What Factors Influence the Cost of Aerial Installation in Glasgow?

Aerial installation costs in Glasgow are influenced by three factors:


Terrain and location


Glasgow is the third most populous area in the United Kingdom and a significant metropolis in the north. There will almost certainly be a lot of obstruction from neighbouring structures and dwellings. It’s also not easy to work with the terrain. The hilly terrain makes it more difficult for surrounding TV transmitters to operate. Because of the difficult terrain and location, technicians must pay special attention to the antenna’s position and angle.


Aerials for television


Aerials for television are not all built or priced the same. Indoor vs. outdoor, short-range vs. long-range, brand a vs. brand b, model x vs. model y–each of these factors might affect the total cost of the device. Most Glasgow households would likely have to settle for a long-range, outdoor aerial, which can be costly.


If you’ve never purchased an antenna before, our blog, A Comprehensive Guide to TV Antennas, will teach you how to explore the various alternatives available.


Installer of aerials


Your aerial installer is the next factor to consider. In a bustling city like Glasgow, you’re bound to come across a variety of businesses and freelancers. Aerial installers can be found at any price point, but you can’t always rely on their quality.


You can hire an expensive installation in one of two ways: based on their experience or their firm. The first is self-evident–the more experience they have, the better they are, and the higher their hourly fee becomes. People seek occupations that are simple to do and provide quick solutions and service. You may have to pay a premium, but why not if it means a job well done?


The second is determined by the business. The prices of each task may be affected by their size, VAT registration, and kind of business. Their rates may be lower if they are tiny and not VAT-registered, but they lack the same level of self-preservation that national corporations do. Because these large corporations stand to lose more, you can expect more consistent service from skilled technicians at a greater price.


Taking these three considerations into account, the cost of constructing an antenna in Glasgow may be comparable to those in London, despite the fact that everything else is less expensive. This is aided by the hilly terrain, outdoor aerials, and reliance on experienced aerial installation. Glasgow need top-of-the-line aerials and technicians to ensure that residents may receive adequate television reception. You must view this as an investment at the end of the day. When done correctly, you can watch free TV for days!