Should I install a TV aerial?

You’ll still need an aerial if you don’t subscribe to Sky, have a satellite system like Freesat, or don’t have cable and want to watch Freeview. These are often straightforward to install and endure for years, making it a simple way to get a decent TV signal into the home with no monthly fees.

Is it possible for me to install my own television aerial?


Because you must mount the outdoor aerial to your outside wall or chimney, it requires significantly more effort than a loft or inside aerial. Drill holes in the wall and link the aerial to the TV with a long coax wire.

If you are concerned about your capacity to do the task securely, it is preferable to seek professional assistance rather than risk falling off a roof. Producing a long-lasting installation also necessitates some meticulous attention to detail to guarantee that aerial installations are secure and unaffected by water infiltration.

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